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Bianca & Creative Block

05 Dec 2019 - 30 Jan 2020

Creative Block
Colourful, contrasting and ever evolving, the creative block collection is the result of a one-of-a-kind art initiative. Each unique Creative Block artwork represents one of more than 250 participating artists; their individual stories, subject matter and style, it’s when they’re displayed together that they create something magical – a rich and striking expression of South African art.
The GFI Art Gallery is proud to be associated with this inspirational project and has once again partnered with SPIER ARTS TRUST to bring you an exciting exhibition of local and national artists currently participating in the Creative Block project.

Bianca Whitehead - Artist Statement
My work stems from an interest in naturally occurring forms, patterns, and textures. I make forms that nudge the boundaries of utility. I particularly enjoy an object that has an unclear narrative – its ultimate purpose may just be to be enjoyed and admired. My colour palettes are influenced by trends in interior, fashion, and textile design. The ceramic surface is my design canvas.
Make = Design = Create
Bianca Whitehead has recently started working as a full-time ceramist at her home studio in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.
She previously worked as a Lecturer in Ceramics Fine Art at the Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, from 2004 – 2018.
She has been making ceramics since 2001, participating over the years in local, national, and international exhibitions.

Bowl With Cream & Red
Bowl With Turquoise
Bowl With Orange
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About Rain

12 Nov 2019 - 02 Dec 2019

Bretten-Anne Moolamn grew up in the Karoo, where water and rainfall have always been a determining factor in the lives of the people and communities which inhabit it.

The fascination with land and rain is an integral part of her practice, and as such it has prompted her into internal and external discussion around the impact of climate change, the effects of drought and excessive rainfall.

After The Rain, Oil On Canvas
Earth Circuitry 6 Oil On Canvas 25x50cm Ba Moolman
Earth Circuitry 10, Oil On Canvas 30x77cm Ba Moolman
November Rain
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Hairy Tales

11 Sep 2019 - 08 Oct 2019

"Hairy Tales" - an exhibition of mixed-media, multivalent messages opened with the telling of a tale by Jennifer Ord.

An Overlay Of What's Underlying
Pierre Avocado Cycles
The One Eyed Vice Of Versa
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