Past Exhibitions


07 Nov 2017 - 30 Nov 2017


Celebrating 100 years since the first aircraft arrived in Port Elizabeth.

This privately owned collection of 154 oil paintings by the late Port Elizabeth Artist, Ron Belling, covers the history of military aviation in South Africa from 1917 to about 1976 and at the same time reflects some of the many changes that have taken place within Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape, a region important in the history of aviation in the sub-continent.

Limited edition prints of 1/50 are available printed on fine art, water colour paper. 

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The Creative Block

09 Dec 2017 - 26 Jan 2018

The Creative Block, administered by Spier Arts Trust invites professional artists to participate in this artist career development opportunity.
The project provides a fun platform for experimentation, with many emerging and established artists continuing to participate.

Regular hand-in days take place (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth) at specified locations. At this time, artists receive blank blocks to transform in the media of their choice for presentation and critique at the next hand-in day.
Artists are encouraged to attend the hand-in day in person. Many are self-taught and it is through the curator’s individual critique – similar to master class feedback – that artists develop further.

When work is accepted by the curator, artists are paid immediately according to the number and size of blocks. The size and associated price of Creative Block artworks are set, regardless of artist tenure or medium. 

Each Creative Block carries a short artist biography on the back. This allows the artists to enjoy significant exposure as these artworks are displayed around the globe, travel to art fairs and are in the collections of private owners, patrons and corporate offices.

We invite you to see how a collection of Creative Blocks displayed together becomes a newly created, single “work” that honestly and sometimes brutally expresses contemporary South African society.

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Amanda De Wet 2 Sebastian Borckenhagen Robyn Pretorius Banele Ndajayi


25 Feb 2018 - 20 Mar 2018


Alice Nesbit,  Anthony Harris,   Dola Sapeta,  Duncan Stewart,   Greg Kerr,   Jaco Benade,   Jonathan Silverman,   Joanne Reen,   Jennifer Ord,   Kate Malan,   Lee Hensberg,   Louise Luders,   Marius Lourens,    Vusi Khumalo.

Rohtang Panoramic Oil On  Canvas 100x150cm Jaco Benade Hs 006020 Hs 005984
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